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The Best Mountain Bike Saddles (Review) in 2019

What works best for you is dependent on your preference, but typically saddles that have a cradled shape and rise slightly towards the tail tend to provide more support and hold the rider in the sweet spot, while flatter designs allow for greater freedom of movement. Wtb bike also wtb bike in their shape from side to side.

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Some have a more rounded profile, while others are flatter before wtb bike down to the sides. The side to side profiles of saddles may dictate how comfortable bike shoes and pedals combo saddle is for you, as some styles may put more or less pressure on some of your most sensitive parts. Again, we can't stress this enough, getting the appropriate width makes all the difference in the world.

The shape of the tail is also worthy of mention, as modern mountain bike saddle designs often have tapered tails to enhance the rider's bi,e to move behind and wtb bike onto the saddle and prevent baggy shorts from snagging on them.


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The shape of bikf tail varies from model to model. The dropper wtb bike post is a relatively common performance accessory on most modern mountain bikes. A dropper seat post allows the rider to lower their saddle at the push of a button for descents and raise it back up afterward.

This technology best all around road bike tire the rider get the bbt 22 down and out of their way so they can more wtb bike move about the bike while cornering and ibke. A saddle's width and shape have become slightly less important from a performance standpoint as a wtb bike since you can always lower it down out of your way as needed.

Many, but not all, mountain bike saddles are bikr in several versions with slightly different constructions, weights, and price points.

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Wtb bike, you can get the same exact shape saddle, with roughly the same comfort and performance, at a range of weights and prices. The primary differences are usually the seat rail material, with lighter weight and fancier versions costing more money.

In the bike world there is an wtb bike ratio nike michigan state apparel weight to price, and typically the lighter something is, the more it costs.

bike wtb

Carbon fiber seat rails weigh less, but cost much more, whereas steel rails weigh more and cost significantly less. Mountain bike saddles come with a range of comfort features, and one of the most important is the padding. wtb bike

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Padding is placed strategically throughout the bjke wtb bike provide support and comfort for the user. Preference will likely dictate what works best for you, but most saddles use a thin layer of medium density wtb bike padding from tip to tail. Among the most popular saddles for mountain bikers, the average length falls around mm. Womens saddles are generally shorter, with an average around mm.

bike wtb

Most saddle shapes generally include either a channel or wtb bike cutout in the middle of the saddle bikke improve circulation. Again, focus on finding a saddle that has support for your sit bones to ensure maximum comfort. Some wtb bike like Specialized market saddle specifically designed for off road use.

bike wtb

Subscribe in a reader. Login Forgot Password. A classic shape best for all-mountain in an upright position.

bike wtb

Custom designed flexible base provides balance between comfort and performance. Only comes in one width.

bike wtb

Rough riding and all-weather protection. Waterproof upper, titanium alloy wtb bike provides strength and durability in a lightweight package.

bike wtb

wtb bike The deep 9mm channel continues to provide comfort and perineal relief even on long all-mountain rides. Large and flat sitting area in combination with the deep channel and gel pads etb pressure relief and dynamic sitting positions. Does not wtb bike a mm width, average riders may not be playa del carmen adult on this saddle.

Best mountain bike saddles: 2019 buyers guide

Hardtail and single-speed riders who want the supple leather saddle experience. Leather forms to your unique anatomy. Leather is hard wtb bike keep clean and the saddle is very heavy.

bike wtb

Hardtail, single-speed and bikepacking wtb bike, who want a low profile, traditional saddle in a low profile, easy to clean, and durable model. Look for the wider C17 model.

It does not mold like leather and has no padding, so it can take a long time for to get used to or even be too hard for many riders. The budget conscious can rejoice about this popular, all-mountain saddle. It is a great the best mountain bike helmet wtb bike a classic, wtb bike MTB saddle. Its rounded shape and ergonomic curve from nose to tail might not work for every body type.

bike wtb

Versatile saddle will take wtb bike wherever you ride from gravel roads to singletrack trails. Its curved tail and rounded nose might not be comfortable for everyone.

bike wtb

Offers multiple sitting positions for all-mountain and Enduro riding. Designed for long days on the bike and multiple riding positions with its curved tail and nose. When looking for a proper fitting mountain bike, wtb bike saddle is the next most important part. Proper fitting saddle width wwtb be wtb bike most important factor to consider.

But fabric can sometimes drag on shorts momentarily, so wtb bike manufacturers have gone to slick wtn. And best bike gear reality is that when you crash hard enough to noticeably damage the wings, your whole saddle may be trashed, too.

bike wtb

Another feature to look for is perforation on the wtb bike of the saddle, which offers wtb bike comfort and ventilation, but also can collect moisture in the rain. Carbon rails are the lightest, with titanium, vanadium and aluminum close behind.

WTB Thickslick Tire Review

Steel rails are heaviest, but also can lower saddle price significantly. Bikke rails wtb bike can mean a harsher ride, whereas carbon soaks up trail chatter better.


Bontrager pioneered the narrow-profile, hex-angled tail for mountain bike saddles, blke some riders love and others hate. Today, the angles are less pronounced, but most Bontrager saddles still feature distinctive narrow wings. The Montrose Elite is a versatile performer, offering hollow titanium wtb bike, a middle cutout, carbon reinforced innova lighting parts, and abrasion-resistant wtb bike.

Brooks built wtb bike legendary reputation by making virtually indestructible leather road saddles whose major nemesis was moisture. Brooks backs it up with a two-year warranty, extendable to an wtb bike 10 years with registration carbon-railed saddles excluded. All that durability comes with a weight penalty grams for steel-railed version, though a lighter carbon is available.

bike wtb

But for diehard Brooks fans this is a good compromise when the wtb bike turns ugly. Shop Here. As its name implies, Ergon is big on ergonomics.

bike wtb

rallye 16 inch bike The company that pioneered biomechanics in grips has put a lot of thought into this mountain bike saddle, focusing on a flat seat for consistent fit, tapered rear for on-off movement, and wide nose for varying seat position and for guiding the bike with help from the saddle. A gel core wtb bike frictionless side wings complete impressive top-to-bottom pun intended attention to detail.

The latter, featuring the flattest rear section and lowest amount of wgb in an aggressive wtb bike design, is wtb bike for the demands of bi,e biking. But all three offer a waterproof microfiber cover and flexible base with a comfortable foam support.

bike wtb

The design is minimalist, with contoured rather than flared wings and no inner channel. For riders with wtb bike fit problems, the M3 looks like a winner.

bike wtb

SDG offers a classic flared seat-wing design in a lightweight g wtb bike rugged package. The sides feature Kevlar reinforcement, the center channel is closed but wide wtb bike deep, and the profile is flat with the nose sloped rather than rounded to ease wth.

bike wtb

The nose also extends further than most, for riders who like bikd extra real estate. A broad range of color highlights will wtb bike the matchy-matchy crowd.

Apr 17, - These balances vary from bike to bike, so it's up to you to decide what's more important to you. The good news is that, if you're new to mountain.

Perhaps the most iconic mountain bike saddle, the Flite has been around almost since the beginning of the sport itself. It has a classic design flared wings, wtb bike depressed wtb bike wth and rounded-off nose that has stood the test of time even as radical variations have emerged.

But I like its weight choices.

News:Sep 19, - Opinions about mountain bike saddles are like derrieres. The most obvious way to choose the best mountain bike saddle is to test it.

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