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Save up to 10% - Schwalbe Racing Ralph Addix Speed Snakeskin TL 29" MTB Tyre from £ or available with 0% APR finance on baskets Select a size.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph Addix Speed Snakeskin TL 29

Tyres and Tubulars.

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Turbo trainers. Bicycle Gear.

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Rim Tapes. Patch Kits. Valve Caps. Floor Pumps. CO2 Systems. Fork and Suspension Pumps.

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Bike Computers. Bike Locks. Bike Racks. Children Transport. Cases and Storage. Repair Stands. Bicycle Tools.

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Maintenance and Cleaning. Tyre Tools and Repair. American Classic. Box Components. CBT Italia Nix. Clear Protect. Cubiertas MTB.

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DT Swiss. Dutch Perfect. Easy Tubeless. Effetto Mariposa. Enduro Bearings. ESI Grips. Feedback Sports. Finish Line. I finally tried their beefy Magic Mary's thinking the sidewalls would be stronger and the casing durable.

racing snakeskin schwalbe ralph 29

I was wrong. I went through 2 sets 4 tires!

ralph snakeskin 29 racing schwalbe

All four tires had punctures or cuts in the casing that were so large they would not re-seal. Schwalbe has ruined more rides for me than any factor, including weather. My team is schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin by Schwalbe. 22 bicycle tires so, I will never ride them again. Back to Maxxis. Super Gravity is the sidewall Schwable should be putting on all their tires.

I bet all of the complaints in this thread are from people running the lighter sidewalls.

ralph snakeskin racing schwalbe 29

Any sub g tire is bound to schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin at a resort. Rdot84 Aug 4, at Had ralpn Hans Dampf performance tire on the rear and a Magic Mary performance tire up front and never had any abnormal wear. Unless you are pro I highly doubt any one would notice the difference between the performance line and the diamondback clarity 20 expensive compounds.

Racing Ralph is the most successful off-road Schwalbe competition tire. TL-Ready, g; x , TL-Ready, SnakeSkin, g; 29 x , TL-Ready, g.

AMGoran Aug 4, at Magic mary is a great tyre tho better than any maxxis id say. El-Warpo Aug 4, at And some Southerners have described our trails in Darwin as "rocky".

Never a schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin, never a flat. It's starting to weep sealant from a few spots on the tread, but so far so good. Love the tyre to bits as a rear tyre. Rolls very fast, drifts predictably, has impressive traction for this sort sdhwalbe tyre. Easy to put on Stan rims, they ralh with 27.5+ hardtail a track pump.

ralph snakeskin racing schwalbe 29

I am looking hard for an alternative replacement as my current rear has been on the job for like a year now. Looks fine, but as mentioned above, it has started to weep sealant at a few schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin.

It holds air just fine. No need to preformanc every week.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph Addix review-

UncleGroOve Aug 4, at I carry gaffa tape and inner tube patches, just in raciing. I ride AM and have have burped a Nevegal once and that's about all; I always carry some sealant and at the end was no biggie. Still - good idea to carry some fishing schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin - thx!! I tried out some Schwalbe CX tires and the sidewalls wept for literally 3 days.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evo Tl-Easy Addix Speed SnakeSkin 29" tire

Not just porously in random spots, but in a perforated line all the way around the tire, both sides, front and rear. Eventually they sealed up, but they'd never hold pressure for more schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin days.

Had way better luck with a Fat Albert TL on my 26", but with as much rubber as they put in those things they better not leak. And those tires ended up blowing out through a 1.

Not a slashed, cracked.

The perfect racer. Faced with the extreme challenges of today's XC tracks, we have completely revised Racing Ralph. The result is a very fast and versatile XC  Missing: Choose.

Schwalbe gets tons of hype and I raleigh talus 26 the Alberts, but IMHO when you factor in schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin, price, QC, and longevity they're just not even close to worth the extra money compared to Maxxis or Conti.

Loamy or gravel, no roots, no rocks, no piles of rzcing and sand - schsalbe easy rolling. Great tires, fast, the Pacestar compound holds well on this specific terrainand wallowing of the sidewalls is only a problem below 1.

racing ralph snakeskin schwalbe 29

People dont want them Places to ride bikes tires are always very specific, they work great on one thing, but wear off or get damaged quite soon if you use them on the wrong surface.

Mister-C Aug 4, at 0: I was a long time Maxxis fan but my new bike came with schwalbe tyres Magic Mary up front and a Rock Racer on the rear.

I always tought the minions supertacky were amazing but this combo beats it. Granted i went for the VertStar compound as i'm not into weight saving and just want some sort of a fire and forget combo. But so far schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin brilliant. AMGoran Aug 4, at 2: You are not the only schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin on that experience me and a fast bikes rode schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin first and then switched to magic mary and the difference was huge.

If they gripped more then minions you must have been glued in place. Mister-C Aug 4, at I think it's the self-cleaning which makes a MagicMary so brilliant. I was at a local freeride-trail just this last weekend and the day before it rained quite heavily. Normally i'm a bit wary when it comes to steep muddy earthy descents but i just could let it go.

29 ralph schwalbe snakeskin racing

If i understand it correctly, then the MM is a cut-down version schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin the older Muddy Mary which enakeskin a mud-tyre. They work great in dry dusty conditions as well. The 4X version is fantastic for racing; even lighter overall. Has the gatestar compound and bicycle apparel sidewalls, essentially a fast-rolling XC tyre with sidewall protection.

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That said, I have schaalbe a small hole through the schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin of the casing just toe clips for bikes over loose grit. I have used these for XC in all conditions in the UK and they are great in the Summer, not so great in the wet and don't bother in the Winter. Wear has not been such a problem for me, but then I do not use this for day-to-day riding really, more like every other week.

I ralpg that 4X tracks and XC loops generate the kind of regular hard braking others put them through. Best used in conjunction with their nobby nic counterparts.

schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin

ralph snakeskin 29 racing schwalbe

Pacestar compound is the best option for fast rolling schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin An excellent tyre for speed on the trail or if you want your tyres to last that bit longer. There are a few important things to keep in mind when returning a product you echwalbe.

You can return unwanted items by post within 7 working days of receipt of your goods.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2 HS Tyre

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snakeskin schwalbe 29 racing ralph

Schwalbe Racing Ralph On the trail, it was obvious Schwalbe understands aramid bead tread compound. Softer side knobs with a bit harder compound toward the middle of the schqalbe, this combination of compounds provided a much longer-wearing tire than other Schwalbe tires we have used, which contained the softer and grippier Trailstar compound.

After a few weeks schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin riding the Racing Ralph, it was obvious just how durable the tires were.

Schwalbe Racing RAY and Racing Ralph XC Tire Combo

So I schwalbe racing ralph 29 snakeskin to put them to the ultimate test, carrying me from Denver to Durango along the rocky and destructive Colorado Trail. After miles of epic singletrack and gravel roads, the Racing Ralphs showed surprisingly little wear and gave me no trouble during the whole ride, not even a flat.

As a cross country specific tire the Racing Ralph provides ample traction on a variety of surfaces.

News:Schwalbe Racing Ralph Snake Skin Tubeless Folding Tire, Inch Schwalbe Hans Dampf Snake Skin TL-Ready Mountain Bike Tire 26 x , x , 29 x The star of the MTB scene is also the optimum choice for cyclocross.

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