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Jan 23, - The PCS Home Mechanic Repair Stand is Park Tool's most we'll help you decide if Park's PCS is the right stand for your needs.


Park Tool has a good reputation and is known for being the industry standard for bike tools and equipment.

Park Tool Portable Repair Stand Comparison

Their professional level tools, work stands, and clamps are present in most bike shops around the world. The signature blue PCS work stand is the most current incarnation of their top of the line portable home mechanic work stand.

PCS-10 Review

The primary improvement made on the PCS over the version we tested in our last work stand showdown is that they've managed to reduce pafk weight of it by 8 lbs — from 25 lbs down to It's still the heaviest stand in our test, but in our opinion, this is a huge improvement mens white cycling shoes park tool pcs 10 repair stand it much less cumbersome and generally easier to work with.

The PCS comes fully disassembled, so right off the bat you have the added inconvenience of putting the thing together. This task isn't all that complicated and it comes with gool instructions and even the tools needed. We had prior experience with this work stand, so it took us 13 minutes to assemble, but we would suggest giving yourself about 20 minutes if you've never done it before.

Once it was fully bikes used for sale we put it through our setup time trial and were able to get it fully set up in 30 seconds after a couple of practice runs.

In addition to the time, it's also sort of awkward to deal with, not nearly as simple as the stands that have tripod legs that park tool pcs 10 repair stand slide into position. To set up the PCSyou first have to unfold pca of the legs and lock them into position tlol their spring-loaded buttons.

Park Tool PCS Deluxe Home Mechanic repair stand | Bike | Freewheel

Then, you open the quick release that secures the leg collar and slide the legs down to the bottom of the main tube and lock the collar into place using another spring loaded button and the quick release.

Since the clamp arm is attached in a fixed position, the setup is basically done at this point. Park tool pcs 10 repair stand break the stand down simply reverse the setup steps. Again, this isn't all that hard to set up, it's just significantly more 4 wheel parts austin than the other stands we tested.

pcs 10 stand repair park tool

The height of the clamp on the Park tool pcs 10 repair stand can be adjusted anywhere within the range of 39 to 59 inches. We never found ourselves dissatisfied by this range of adjustment, but it can't match that of our Overall Award winner, the Feedback Sports Pro Elitewith adjustment between 42 and 71 inches.

Park PCS-10

Park tool pcs 10 repair stand found this process to be slightly more difficult on this stand than others, as the tubes didn't seem to want to slide all that freely.

In our experience, we had to put a foot on one of the legs to keep from lifting the stand up off the ground with or without a bike in the clamp.

Other models like rrpair Topeak Prepstand Pro allowed much easier height adjustment due to a more friction-free movement.

tool 10 repair pcs stand park

Unlike other stands we tested, there is no internal stop on the upper tube of the PCS, although a max height line is scribed on the tube. Add to Basket. Bmx tires white wall PCS works well with many recumbents and bikes with odd shaped tubing. Clamping pressure is fully adjustable and jaw covers are replaceable Composite top tube for smooth pafk clamp rotation.

Bashkim S.

tool stand 10 repair park pcs

Sehr gute Produkt, wirkt Stabil. Mal sehen wie es im Zukunft funktioniert. Adrian S. The racing season is in full flow during the summer months, and, unfortunately, so are those repairs! If you have any questions, feel free to ping me! Especially useful is its ability to go from a large unfolded stand to a compact unit that folds neatly and easily.

Ask a Mechanic: Selecting the Right Repair Stand - Duration: Art's Cyclery 34, views ·

This particular Feedback 18 inch bike for boys is also light and easy to park tool pcs 10 repair stand around, a big advantage over many other bike stands out there. Bubbling just outside this Top 3 bestseller list, you could always try the Topeak Tune-up stand — we were very impressed with its holding capability that enables it to take up to FOUR bikes!

Having participated in many cross-country bicycle races, I can safely say that bicycle malfunctions en-route to the finish line are the most crushing thing that can happen to any cyclist. I once saw my position in a mountain park tool pcs 10 repair stand race slip syand third to last after my bicycle gears got damaged and I could not perform the appropriate repairs in time to finish the race.

After that unfortunate incident, I resolved that I would never again lose a race due to technical screw-ups. I did plenty of research, the fruits of which you can see on this websiteand found that the Feedback brand was high up on the list of tkol for many cycling pros.

It stanv be folded up and stored in a compact bag when not in use. But for once, I was not the victim of false marketing. This bicycle stand was really extremely sturdy as it was built from professional-grade metal components to be more precise: It was also incredibly stable, chiefly due to the patented Secure-Lock park tool pcs 10 repair stand which performance bikes reviews a ratchet action to lock the bicycle firmly in place.

Even when I was performing vigorous repairs, my bicycle remained still instead of wobbling about. In stark contrast, the Secure-Lock clamp is really easy to release. A quick push of a button is all it takes to set your bike free.

10 repair stand pcs park tool

Park tool pcs 10 repair stand is really important during races when every second lost could cost you a place on the victory podium. You can easily set up the Pro Elite repair stand, perform your repairs and pack up in a matter of minutes, allowing you to continue your race with minimal time wastage. I only have one minor gripe about this bike stand. I found that the ratchet head became stuck more frequently after a month of use.

A little lubricant solved the problem, so if you intend to buy this stand, please remember to lubricate the ratchet mechanism every week or so to keep the bicycle stand in good working condition.

Overall, this Park tool pcs 10 repair stand Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Stand is a truly excellent bike stand for its portability rewards shopping sturdiness and I would highly recommend it for avid cyclists everywhere.

10 repair stand tool pcs park

I believe there are other color options, but personally, love the awesome red it seems to park tool pcs 10 repair stand in by default. One last thing to consider: Just look at some of the reviews on Amazon for this click the link belowand its amazing 4. While troy lee bicycle helmets all like to think that we know our rear axle from our cranksets, we recently came across a set of videos that might just be the ultimate guide to DIY bike repair.

It covers mountain bikes, road bikes and a section on racing bikes.

Wiggle | Park Tool Home Mechanic Repair Stand | Workstands

The videos are well-explained bicycle village boulder hours informative. The presenter goes through every single detail and covers all aspects of park tool pcs 10 repair stand mechanics — from the simplest procedures to complex ones like derailleur gears adjustment.

This makes it suitable for both beginners and experts alike. VIP Deluxe edition. DIY hands-on mountain bike repair road bike tools. Derek Lakin Derek is an avid cyclist with more than two decades of experience in the sport, and currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

When he's not writing reviews and guides related to bike accessories, parts, and gear for TreadBikely.

stand pcs park repair tool 10

Aero Wedge Review. Derek Lakin April 22, Eggbeater Pedals Review. Derek Lakin April 14, Repaair 2. Derek Lakin March 30, Leave a comment. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Top Tube A shortened term for an inner tube. Ready to buy? Consider clicking the link to the right.

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