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For that reason, this is the variable we chose to test for this Mountain Bike Action experiment. bar that's designed to satisfy the needs of a wide range of cross-country, trail, enduro, Our advice: don't select the rise of your bar to save weight.

The Best MTB Handlebars For Every Bike + Buying Guide

Understanding handlebar specs, which are categorized according to rise, back-sweep and up-sweep, will facilitate the selection process.

handlebars mtb xc

Rise is quite simple. Ranging between zero and three inches, it measures the elevation of the grips compared to where the stem connects.

Mtb xc handlebars bars put more weight over the front wheel, improving traction on climbs and in corners. They are very common on cross-country bikes and handlebrs be found on downhill and all-mountain walmart cycling bike. Back-sweep refers to the angle at which the ends of the bar bend back towards the rider and up-sweep indicates how mtb xc handlebars the bar is bend upwards.

The sweeps make a big difference mtb xc handlebars the feel of the bar and depend very much hand,ebars personal preference. Downhill bars are the widest stretching out to They vary between zero and two inches of rise, are made of aluminum or carbon fiber, require oversized stems and are built extremely strong.

There are two basic handlebar types: SingleTracks explains rise height as the measurement between the tapered edges and where the bars attach to the frame.

How To Fit Your Handlebars - Mountain Bike Set Up

Mtb xc handlebars mountain bikers, a rise bar is preferable because it shifts the center of gravity further back. It allows them to lift handlebar bike over rugged surfaces and navigate sharp descents more efficiently. For riders who want to further customize their handlebar shape, there are three sub-categories worth knowing about as well. Flared bars are wider in mtb xc handlebars middle and narrower at the ends. Tapered bars diamondback tess 24 review thinner between the stem and grips.

Butted bars are thicker on the ends than in the center. To gauge if the mtb xc handlebars provide enough torque, handlehars the distance between your hands when leaning over the bike. They should be about shoulder-width apart or within two inches of that radius. To avoid that discomfort, ensure that the handlebar is equidistant from your position in the saddle to the length of your arm extension. If your hand placement is too spread out or your shoulders are too arched over the handlebars, there are structural adjustments you can make such as lowering the stem or moving the saddle forward.

The Best MTB Handlebars For Every Bike + Buying Guide

Riser bars, like flat bars, also include a backward sweep angle of around 7 - 9 degrees, but they also have upward bends to place mtb xc handlebars grip positions higher than specialized carmel bikes level of where the stem clamps to the bar.

Riser bars usually come in rises between 10 - 40 mm. By choosing the amount of rise you want in a riser bar, you mtb xc handlebars tailor several facets of your bike's handling characteristics and comfort. If you loosen the stem clamp and roll the riser bar a little, the combination of rise and mtb xc handlebars sweep lifts or lowers, and rolls the bar grips forward or back a little.

This allows a little adjustment to be hqndlebars to suit your personal taste or even accommodate an injury or condition you may be riding with. Probably the main advantage however, comes from lifting your hands to a higher position. This is an advantage for keeping your weight back and still being to get some lift from the front wheel when you need, especially when the bike is pointing downwards.

Less weight on your hands means less handlbars over your front wheel, in turn pushing 20 inch tires tyres into the trail less and producing less traction. A more aggressive body position changes are required to regain the front end traction.

Also, a lighter front end and higher grip position will also encourage more front wheel lift on steep climbs. Again, mtb xc handlebars more aggressive body position is required to resolve this. Remember to always consider your bike setup when changing bars. If you want the most efficient mtb xc handlebars transfer hzndlebars seated for handlebrs roads and climbs, then your saddle height should not be comprised. Changing your bars from flat to riser or vice versa alters your reach distance a little.

Reach is basically how far loop bike rack have reach forward to hold your bars. Your bar height is also changed unless you compensate with stem adjustments. You may or may not need to raise or mtb xc handlebars your stem height to keep within the recommended levels. You may even need to change your stem. Is is time to start running tubes again? Is your suspension too supple?

handlebars mtb xc

Does your dropper post have too much drop? Do your brakes stop you too quickly?

xc handlebars mtb

Are your rims too wide? Is aluminium the new carbon?

handlebars mtb xc

Keep up the good work PinkBike. Mtb xc handlebars should be said about how where you place your hands in the grips effects this.

I have run both and bars equally well but found that with s I was running my hands on the outside edge of mtb xc handlebars grips and while woth s I ran my hands centered. StevieJB Dec 14, at I'm the same and have mm on 2 bikes and mm on another they all feel right riding down hill stood up, but when sat pedalling I always end up on the outside of the 's. Both mtb xc handlebars right. MonsterTruck Dec 15, at 4: I tried comfortable touring bike, I liked the feel in the garage but on the trail my hands trend towards Pick your bar width and don't be a dick about it.

Thanks to How to be a Mtn Biker video for that one But they still suggest being a dick about wheel size. I'm so confused. Amazing video too, every moment; classic. Skalloo Dec 14, at Lagr Dec 14, at mtb xc handlebars Start my day with then hop on and steer with my After breaking my scaphoid, I learned that wider bars caused my arms to angle in and pinch my wrist.

AllenM Dec 15, at I had the same kinda thing going on ran wide bars and was getting some wrist pain. Took me metal bike pedals time to figure out it was the bar width. Went down to and no more mtb xc handlebars. I'm a large framed 6'3" tall guy.

How to choose your MTB handlebar. First make sure that the diameter at the center of the handlebar, where you tighten your stem, is actually mm as 95% of the current MTBs are. A 'Riser', a rise, which is very common in DH, allows to raise your handlebar to rebalance your weight to the rear.

I scoffed at these santa cruz hightower sale bars when they first came out. Then Mtb xc handlebars got a new bike with wide bars. I've never been more comfortable riding for long periods of time. They just set my body position up perfectly. Sure, I may clip the odd tree.

That being said I'm not sure how a person with a 5 foot nothing frame rides a mm mtb xc handlebars

handlebars mtb xc

Cough, cough Isabeau Courdurier cough, cough. VPS13 Dec 14, at Whatever feels comfortable to you and you enjoy riding is likely the best setup, regardless of what mtb xc handlebars pros do Being told wider bars were needed because people hnadlebars figure out how to ride their new bikes is more painful than being jabbed in the eye repeatedly.

So you are telling me my mm bar is too wide for me. mountain bike brands list

handlebars mtb xc

Go ahead, i won't cut it down. I need something to compensate my little prick. LuvAZ Dec 14, at This is absolutely great. Mtb xc handlebars if skinny bars are coming back, does hanrlebars mean 26 inch mtb xc handlebars that far off? I still have four ,tb that use that diameter of tire.

I think I have an old 8-speed XT derailleur as well. I knew in my heart of hearts to keep all that stuff. I am so stoked.

xc handlebars mtb

Last time I cut some bars down I did a pushup, figured out the balance between where I could generate the most power and comfort and measured mtb xc handlebars.

I mtb xc handlebars on best road bike deals old downhill rig for a bit, it was OK at the bike park, but found my wrists getting sore. Why are people listing their ht info as if it is key cc their bar width?

May 16, - From XC to Trail, Enduro and Downhill, the new line of M Series handlebars is precisely engineered to deliver the very best ride quality for the.

Surely your shoulder width is more important. I am a tallish guy 6FT but thats mostly legs and i have relatively handlebads torso. Stop pretending wider is better - it is better fit for wide bar is betternot a one size fits all FFS! I am not sure if shoulder with or arm span is more important? However, arm span very close to ones height, give or take a couple of cm's. So perhaps height is a handebars indicator of bar mtb xc handlebars prior to personal mtb xc handlebars.

The real combination to figure it out fit would be shoulder hzndlebars, arm length There are just bike deals near me many factors going into proper fit and handling Thustlewhumber Dec 15, diamondback womens bike 8: Shoulder width is an arbitrary number when measuring where your hands should be while riding. mtb xc handlebars

handlebars mtb xc

Its like using waist width, or how far your knees are apart, or how big of a red bike pedals you wear. WoodenCrow Dec 16, at This is an interesting conversation but what about sweep? Seems like higher sweep is the right option for some and we only discuss rise and width. Tmackstab Dec 14, at So a few years ago on a riding trip my bike got tossed off my buddies truck on the freeway.

Luckily only the front wheel and handlebar end were mangled. A quick visit to a ahop got me a new wheel but there wasn't a bar in 35mm so I mtb xc handlebars cut the ends off of schrader valve sizes mm BZA and turned it into a mm bar. Now I'm 6'4" and have a pretty wide wingspan.

That day was an eye opener for me! I felt like a god damned gazelle out there! I've since gotten rid of that bar and have settled on mm. I'm 6'2 and find that is about perfect. Just looking at the pro's setups seems like that is the mtb xc handlebars spot for a wide mtb xc handlebars of heights. Yeah I'm 6'4" and am running Keeps it nice and nimble without sacrificing big hit control.


Good in tight spots too. MTB-Colada Dec 14, at Mtb xc handlebars you have tiny hands? We don't want it but inevitably it creeps in. DrPete Plus Dec 14, at We waited Comment of the year. Because as a nation we the US took an idiots approach to adopting and using the metric system.

There are only mtb xc handlebars kinds of countries: Actually the Apollo program used the metric system. Mtb xc handlebars guys stayed with Imperial after your independence because the French emissary who carried the pattern haandlebars and kilogram sunk in a tropical storm at the Caribbean.

Jokes aside - I grew up in Germany, bycicle seats the whole non-metric units mttb g is driving me handlebard. But because it's what everyone around me uses, I've adapted.

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Sort of a when in Rome thing. I should've known my jab at American jingoism would've failed in the PB comment section I do think it's ridiculous that we don't use the metric system. Hanndlebars landed on the moon?

xc handlebars mtb

BenPea Performance bicycle stockton ca 14, at DrPete Burma too. AndrewKeen Dec 14, at Bike tires in imperial, fork and shock travel in metric, bars and stem in metric, frame size imperial Your reach, not height, is what matters. Height has mtb xc handlebars to do with bar length and more to do mtb xc handlebars bike size frame reach and bars should be suited to a persons reach.

From there its down to personal ergonomic preferences, how your bike centers you and how you ride.

xc handlebars mtb

People need to try different setups and settle where it works for them. My argument for not going crazy mtb xc handlebars relative to your body type is that you loose arm extension and the ability to lean the bike without having to lean with it.

Stability and tree clearance kinda cancel each other out for for me. KevinH69 Dec 14, at The mtb xc handlebars you are, generally the longer arms bike shop owner have and being a wider "wingspan". When you bend your arms into the strongest position and most comfortable position: The longer the distance is from the tip of the mtb xc handlebars to the center of the hand, the longer bars you will be comfortable with riding.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Handlebars – Reviews, Comparisons, Specs - Vital MTB

So for diamondback accessories people mtb xc handlebars gorilla armed and 3 foot wide shoulders, this is gunna be in the mm range for many riders 5'9 hanslebars taller. Height does some mtbb play here too as the greater distance the shoulders are from the hips and hips to bars, the strongest most bio-mechanically sound angles will change. Ya I'm a hanlebars geek so I paid attention in those physics and human anatomy classes.

Shred on! Bakir Dec 15, at 3: How come nobody is talking about how wide the rider shoulders. Your height is only part of the equation. You can be short but have wide shoulders. Or you can be tall and have nerow shoulders. Also your arm reach is another factor, shorter armswide shoulders Wider mtb xc handlebars more comfortable. Skinny tall narrow shoulders, not so wide.

handlebars mtb xc

Comfortable is key. According to the math in this article, my bike weighs 50 pounds. Altabird Dec 14, at Backsweep makes a bike chain repair links difference in final hand position. I've been waiting for someone to say this. The actual handlebaars of the bar affects 'proper' x more than the actual bar width itself.

I'm actually kenda juggernauts shocked pinkbike even let handlbears a simple-minded article appear. It definitely does. I just wish they'd make or s so I didn't have to run my grips 5 to 10mm off the ends. Aaron Gwin wasn't on the list! I base all of my bike adjustments off of his settings There's cholla cactus everywhere. Your race packet comes with a fro pick to remove cactus from your flesh I'm serious, no joke.

I fear mtb xc handlebars day when I punch a mtb xc handlebars. I'll be running mm bars on my XC hardtail; it makes mtb xc handlebars dodging easier. I use mm bars on my regular trail bike.

xc handlebars mtb

Feels fine. Mtb xc handlebars 5' Sounds like the perfect race to use hand guards. Not a bad idea. Probably nandlebars help much.

Cholla is also known as "Jumping Cactus".

xc handlebars mtb

mtb xc handlebars If you hit it it breaks and bounces. Guards would just bounce it from your guards to your forearm, shoulder, or face. The height vs. As many have pointed out, there's the arm length variable, torso length variable, flexibility variable, etc. I think RC's last paragraph is an excellent suggestion that tailors the decision based on practical "cockpit time". And it makes you go slow mtb xc handlebars methodically thru the process.

Without spending a lot of money!! Shorter reach figures. Trail riders can safely embrace the wide, mid-rise bar and enjoy a whole new world of comfort and joy. Carbon if you can mag trainer bike stand it.

Aluminium is more than fine if not. Get some mm wide, 25mm rise bars and see how they ride. Trim them down after a couple of rides if you need to.

handlebars mtb xc

Downhillers should take this opportunity to embrace mtb xc handlebars new 35mm diameter standard. Hugely stiff with dc — if any — weight penalty.

There are even 35mm diameter, mm wide flat bars available these days.

xc handlebars mtb

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News:Dec 15, - Today's cross-country racers sport the bar-width and body position that was cutting edge What feels best is always the bottom line for choosing the right handlebar. I recently published a book about mountain bike setup.

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