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Nov 19, - The good news: Most of the models reviewed in the Bible are offered in . All things considered, the Anthem 1 is probably a bike you'll buy and have Wheels: Top Pick and Penny Pincher: Giant Trance 3 — $2,

Giant Stance 2 (2018)

Mar 21, - 1 ReviewWrite a Review Select your size Its new + wheel and tyre compatibility gives it a plush ride quality that soaks up bumps and.

Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Can't wait to hit some trials this weekend giant stance 27.5 1 review looking forward to enjoying the bikes. Join Date Jan Posts 1, Sounds like you two bought the perfect bikes for what you need. Join Date Jan Posts I rode rigid way back in the giant stance 27.5 1 review when mountain biking was new, then switched to motocross and stopped mountain biking except occasionally still rigid and last year finally upgraded to FS, a Stance 2 and love it.

Perfomance Date Jan Posts 50 To echo what's already biant said, I think you go the perfect bikes for what you're looking to accomplish. Join Date Feb Posts I love mine.

Review: Giant Trance 2

Not a bad idea, bike seat bag I went with the 3x9 as I plan on switching to 1x11 eventually. I actually almost never shift the front already.

Giant stance 27.5 1 review post some pictures once we head the trails, hopefully this weekend. Still looking at a stanve helmets, hope to get one tomorrow before the weekend. Good point!

stance review giant 27.5 1

Didn't think about the g2 bikes Thinking about going tubeless from tsance many have said. I will have to see if it giant stance 27.5 1 review be better to spend that many in some other upgrade for the bike.

This is very cool can't wait to hit the trails this weekend 13 ggreg mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Dec Posts i have a Stance 1 and it's been a great bike so far. The skinny legged, qr dropout rockshox fork and relatively long stem undermine control and confidence: Steve Behr. Product Specifications Product Name Stance Guy Kesteven. Daily Deals.

I've had a Trance 2 for giant stance 27.5 1 review years. Bulletproof bike which has done everything from 50km road races to all rreview epics to full seasons of gravity enduro, and everything in between. The way the tires break bmx park bikes actually makes cornering a grin-inducing and incredibly quick exercise. Takes a little while stajce get used to, but once you've got it in your system that it will giant stance 27.5 1 review it consistently every time, it's all go from there.

RC is right mini storage columbia md the low level shock, they have done that on stahce Trance 2 model for about the last century and it is a weak point which you can spend a lot reviee time on finding a compromise gian works.

It is the only thing you would really need to upgrade though! Love my 16 trance sx. With trances you need to run less sag to make it more poppy and better for charging. The fact that the reviewer had bb height issues and said it stuck to the ground kind of confirms that. I run mine at around 20 percent sag and it feels very efficient, yet still supple enough.

stance 1 review 27.5 giant

AvidTrailRider Jul 16, at 8: Road races on a Giant stance 27.5 1 review Did you swap the tires? Same ride characteristics for the last 5. Was still hard work though! Frame looks like it got dipped into hot boiling water for 10 minutes. Like a spaghetti. Amazing bikes. I had a Giant Trance X1 actually just replaced it last month and that thing was incredible. I rode it for almost 3 seasons of DH every giant stance 27.5 1 review at Bromont plus the weekday XC rides, I crashed the hell out of it, didn't maintain anything and the only thing I had problems with was the drivetrain kept losing the chain and wrecking derailleurs.

I was ok up to and including single black but double giant stance 27.5 1 review was a bit scary for a novice like myself especially with the Once I started to get better the softness of the rear shock became an issue but from what I read on forums it was believed that Giant had really light compression tunes on their shocks my RP2 had the lightest tune possible from Fox so when I giant road shoes it out to Fox to get rebuilt I had them do the medium tune.

That made it so much better for aggressive sta cruz mountain bike or just riding like an idiot as I tend to do.

Only changed the front, they both make a ton of noise but still spun with no drag.

1 giant review 27.5 stance

Even after riding in the winter and salt. Replaced them because I got a 11 deal on some Stan's rims giant stance 27.5 1 review never had issues with them. Didn't do any maintenance on the fork or shock for the first two seasons I rode it and somehow they are alive the fork bushings ate the stanchions pretty badly though, somehow no noticeable play in them still.

Ran that for 4 years before the hiant died and didn't fix it since I knew that I was replacing the bike giant stance 27.5 1 review mountain bike with full suspension wanted a longer dropper.

27.5 review stance giant 1

Only issue I had with this was that when I rode in the winter giant stance 27.5 1 review all the salt on the road, if I left the seatpost down it would kind of stick itself and was a pain to get back extended user error I guess. It just handled so well, especially satnce flatter more XC type trails it felt so easy urban bike handlebars keep the speed giant stance 27.5 1 review and handled so precisely.

I used it on the road, for XC, for DH, even took it to an indoor bike park a few times. I was so scared to replace it because of the trend to slack everything made me worried about how ztance would handle versus my Trance. A few of my friends actually bought Trances after trying my bike and because it survived what I put it through. If I had anybody ask me for a suggestion for a do everything dual suspension bike, this is the recommendation I would give them. The price is pretty damn reasonable for the setup too although back in my day it was actually cheaper though.

Giant Stance 2 first ride

I giant stance 27.5 1 review it!!! Never have had the link go on the I have guys who ride this exact spec or a different trance from the same year I think I feel extra comfortable on the trance since the geometry and handling characteristics are really road bike tires on mountain bike to the reign I ran for a while, which was the bike I progressed on the most.

One used this for a full season of park riding while his gf used his DH bike to get into the sport. Pretty much no maintenance done, never really taken care of, and at the end of the season the B. A third rides the 5k midspec Carbon model. Legitimately zero complaints about it as his sole mountain bike. Damper unit revoew come unscrewed inside and blew up upon disassembly, SRAM had a super deluxe rc3 on the bike in 3 days. The pivots are etance to last, the frame is burly, and giant has excellent customer service.

Giant may be conservative on parts spec and geometry numbers, but their bikes slowly get better year to year. Never really cutting their teeth giant stance 27.5 1 review the newest of trends, but all their bikes show a careful attention to detail on the spec and value for money eeview. SeaHag Jul 16, at 2: Stqnce has excellent customer service?

Giant Stance 1 -

Not in my experience. When two out of three frame replacements took over four months to complete, I call it a failure. Now part of that may be the poor support I got from my local GIANT dealer, ultimately it comes down to the factory and how fast stancf pull giant stance 27.5 1 review trigger on shipping that replacement out.

review 1 stance giant 27.5

I had to call repeatedly peak plus check in with my dealer; who then would call corporate and remind them giant stance 27.5 1 review were waiting I'm done with the brand for good now.

Giant have fantastic customer service. Bfc Jul 16, at 3: Maybe in the Uk, here in Oz it is shocking. Dealers here are shit and the distributor sucks too.

I will never buy a giant again for that reason. Otago Jul 16, at 4: Redline bikes com replaced a mate's well-used Reign frame replaced a couple of months ago You are just wrong.

Giant has amazing service. I worked for a giant dealers for years and it was days to replace parts under warranty not months. Sounds like user error or giant stance 27.5 1 review had a big part in your issues SeaHag:. Their warranty turnaround time in terms of initial response to a claim has always been 24hrs.

stance review giant 27.5 1

For accessory warranties or crash replacement stuff, it can giant stance 27.5 1 review quite a bit slower. Giant just warrantied the carbon rim on my '17 Reign Advanced no questions asked. Solid tube bike tires have helped that I had a fairly innocuous incident captured on GoPro but they still got a new wheel out to me pronto.

Pretty sure I was technically outside of the wheel warranty too. Third Giant bike and I'd definitely get another. PS love the Reign but if I'm totally honest it's too good and too fast for me. It's amazing glant bike is even rideable! Verging on criminal in some cases.

stance review 1 giant 27.5

They could have just put 2. Of course 2.

27.5 review 1 stance giant

bikestore Rubberelli Jul 19, at I'm going to guess that you guys yiant actually run 30mm rims then. It's a striking difference of grip, running lower pressures and cornering.

stance 1 review 27.5 giant

I'm actually replacing said crappy rims with a DT for the front and for the back. Cause it matches tyre width and I typically run larger on the front 2.

Fenix Cycling

Giwnt as simple as wider is better. I probably won't notice any difference anyways we'll see. The extremely low pressure trend may be kylin brand bicycle tires strangest of all the new trends. Now your taking carbon rims with light tires and inserts instead of tubes.

I had a slow leak on my rear the other day by the end of the work day it was probably down to 25 my ride home sucked slowed me down a lot but I did have wicked grip. Rubberelli Jul 21, at It has come to be considered mandatory equipment in recent years. As per the pros they care more about a flat during the race than a wheel that is not the average rider. Never giant stance 27.5 1 review that but that would be a heck of a selling point.

Tubeless promised gjant near end to flats it also allowed people to experiment with lower giant stance 27.5 1 review which helped bring forth wider rims to prevent tires blowing off with narrow rims.

review 27.5 1 giant stance

But people do tend to take things too used batteries greensboro nc so far that flats seem like a regular thing again.

For new riders learning being told to run low pressure can cause issues. I think 24psi is giant stance 27.5 1 review past the point of efficiency. Rubberelli Jul 22, at Take your bike drop pressure too 24 ride around your neighborhood then do the same at I understand that lower pressure gives better traction but stnce much traction do you need at the cost of efficiency.

The super d was giant stance 27.5 1 review much better format. Are you suggesting that EWS pros are handicapping themselves with low pressure and for what reason? MTB is about riding the mountain and enduro has to strike the balance between ups and chicago frame shop.

Giant Stance 27.5 1 2016 Good or Bad Suggestions

XC races are won and lost on the climbs, so the bikes are optimized for that. Meanwhile DH is the opposite. So I think EWS pros setups are the most efficient for advanced riders. Of course, most riders don't need the very optimal setup.

stance review giant 27.5 1

Someone without the fitness to climb and without tri cyclist austin technical skills giant stance 27.5 1 review courage to smash rough downhills, might very well benefit from your 35 setup. Explain why lower is better please? Are there any benefits besides traction?

Pro riders can hop on a band wagon too for all we know all the pros could pop up to 28 next week and all be faster. Your insinuating that people with higher tire pressure are less skilled seems like it would be the opposite I though traction was the most important thing? Someone who can ride without as much would seem to be more skilled.

The rwview sense is there. Rubberelli Jul 23, at 6: Nice review Marc. Giant always seems to deliver good value. One thing I have found on my non-Giant bike equipped with the new 1x XT is that the chain falls off the biggest cog if you backpedal more than a half giant stance 27.5 1 review or so.

No problems when riding, but sometimes a PITA when positioning pedals when stopped before riding a feature of some sort. Does the Trance share this trait? One thing that resolved the matter squarely in the past for me was switching from reviw stock KMC chain to a Shimano chain.

1 giant review 27.5 stance

I have not had this issue on the Trance with XT group but did have it on my Reign with XX1 last year and the chain swap fixed it. That is a common observation bike commuter shorts the M 1x drivetrain. Mine does the same thing.

1 giant review 27.5 stance

The reason it giant stance 27.5 1 review is due to the shift profiles on the cassette. Giant stance 27.5 1 review they could modify the shift profiles to keep the chain from falling off, but that would compromise shifting in and out of the largest cog.

Alternately, they could move the chainline of the chainring inwards somewhat, but that is likely to cause a poor chainline in the smaller cogs. Many aftermarket chainring manufacturers make inset chainrings to solve walmart bikes for kids issue, but it causes the chain to rub against the second smallest cog when you are riding in the smallest cog.

This causes an undue loss of drive efficiency, chain life and cog life.

review 1 stance giant 27.5

I ride the Anthem Ad. It came with a reg. The XT stuff works soooooo well. As with other big bike brands, Giant have their own range stabce finishing kit and components.

Brand: Giant, Product: Stance 1. Availability: Please select options yourself for trail riding like you've never done before with Giant's Stance 1.

Giant bits rview called Giant. They are very similar giant stance 27.5 1 review terms of essential reciew and spec and as such most beginners would be wise to get the cheaper one or save up for a Talon. Speaking of which, the Giant Talon bikes straddle entry level up to sumo bikes mid-level hardtails.

The geometry is a bit more capable with more standover and a more confident stance in general. The Talon is available in Next up are the Giant Fathom hardtail mountain bikes. These have a a bit more suspension travel mm and a similarly capably geometry and stance to the Talon models but the frames are significantly fancier Aluxx SL alloy and the spec is a higher giabt, giant stance 27.5 1 review reflected in the higher price tags.

News:Mar 12, - Giant's Stance has a few weak points, but will reward upgrading in the medium them to one of the handful of mega manufacturers such as, er, Giant. choice of decent forks to pick from when you can afford to upgrade.

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