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Best enduro mtb 2016 - Mountain bike buying tips: Everything you need to know

Aug 24, - Choosing a mountain bike can seem like a complicated decision, there are duallys fullpage Mountain Bike Buyers Guide BikeExchange hardtail Enduro riding is a unique form of mountain biking where downhill sections of a For this, 29er bikes are best used in cross country and trail-type riding.

The best enduro mountain bikes

There is always a trade off. KingTJ Feb 18, at Maybe best enduro mtb 2016 just want pictures While it's true that a bike with less travel might be more fun on bmx bike wheel size trails, I couldn't have a mm do it all bike.

Sometimes rowdy trails are what I want to ride on, and I want at least "some" reserves, to not destroy the components or the frame because of riding past the materials limits. Lurch Feb bsst, at WAKIdesigns Feb 18, at Lurch - There is absolutely nothing wrong best enduro mtb 2016 such bike. It's like cyclegear orlando Vegans, most are just people, some are cool and some just can't help themselves shittin' on everybody.

Those hillock humpy things that poms call mountains really don't require a enduro bike. Yeah, well, I live in the first world, so there. What's the 1st world? That hasn't been a thing for ennduro odd years. Waki, is it a bad thing if best enduro mtb 2016 you write I read with an internal dialogue in the accent of Christoph Waltz? I'm guessing that commute this morning wasn't by choice? I was gonna but then it started bucketing down. Then 20mins later you ride by lol.

2016 best enduro mtb

SlodownU Feb 18, at Next time one 2061 you want to sell your Nomad or Yeti because your skills are so best enduro mtb 2016 good that it makes riding too easy, let me know, I'll buy it, and save you from yourself. Did PB have dead space to fill, were you out of new ideas or so short for time to your deadline you had to make up this "problem"?

What is the point of this article? In what product line did enduro bikes replace 5" trail bikes? How about there is endur who cannot decide whether to buy a mm or mm bike? How about thinking in a little more depth about the nature of a mm bike and wherher it fits in with your needs more than a ? In short, how about thinking how there may be some people to whom this article meets a real bike frame cost they have?

The Short Version: It was trendy to compromise the uphill for a better downhill. The new trend shall be to compromise the downhill for a better uphill.

Meanwhile, in real life WAKIdesigns Feb 19, at 1: Lately I realized that we missed an important bit about best enduro mtb 2016 XC bikes: Since they run low pressures, they are basicaly half way to what plus size does. Maybe houston b cycle locations what gives N1no an edge: Who knows, since biggest benefit of plus size is size of contact patch and flex of the tyre, then maybe going down a size and winning g on rotating mass will be king?

Just wait until ebike popularity increases and you can have a mm bike that is more than just capable of climbing. Pick a travel length and be a dick about it!! This guys hilarious: WAKIdesigns Feb 20, motorized bicycle dealers 3: One thing is being dick about something, the other is going nazi. Like deeight on people who don't like B or any other Steampunk sht he likes or properp on E-bikes.

Rnduro e-turds are for people who can't carry their own load. The weak! WAKIdesigns Feb 20, best enduro mtb 2016 6: How's your relation best enduro mtb 2016 your own fitness properp, do you consider yourself weak or strong?

I also skate, surf, skimboard, MX, and ride super bikes. I'm not going to be able to sleep now I know you best enduro mtb 2016 E-turds more than me. All BS aside if you have a handicap that prevents you from being a mountainbiker than I think your E-bike best enduro mtb 2016 perfect for you. Gest only good thing I can say about e-bikes is that at least I'll still be able to ride full days at retirement age. If you are under 65 and not disabled though, you're just lazy.

WAKIdesigns Feb 20, at I'd never buy an 201, I gladly ride one from time to time an assisted one, no throttle All of us need a scape goat, it is healthy, at least in some cases. I am bwst saying it applies best enduro mtb 2016 you guts buuut you may want to have a read since most scape electric bike frame kit are people, objects that are slightly off themselves, but dressed up best enduro mtb 2016 our own treats The general rule in psychology is: Amen tremeer E-bikes are for the elderly, and the lazy.

I could not of said it any better my self. On a pedal bike not a E-turd.

2016 mtb best enduro

I'm best enduro mtb 2016 the keyboard wizard like you. So sleep well knowing you will all ways be faster at stroking the key's. I think you like it so much because it's electric. Peace bro keep pedaling and stay away from E-bikes.

mtb 2016 enduro best

If only it was so easy to get out and ride as it is writing an novel on pinkbike The ultimate slam on PB: At least WAKIdesigns puts some thought into his insults.

Look at a persons profile before you make such a uneducated statement. I was referring to your best enduro mtb 2016 on waki, not calling you out for not riding.

2016 best enduro mtb

That would be unoriginal. Lurch Feb 21, at Spelling has all ways been hard for me. As talk to tex gets better so will my posting. Until then don't hate on some one because they might not have as good as grammar as you. Your still smart enough to figure out what I post and that what its all about. Are you a spelling teacher? If not then go F best enduro mtb 2016 yourself! Hope you understand that. If you are a spelling teacher best enduro mtb 2016 on you for because there 's of people with horrible spelling.

WasatchEnduro Feb 22, at 7: We're all super impressed that dirt bike decals for walls such a badass rider.

Keep killing it in Florida.

mtb 2016 enduro best

This was fun, properp. Thanks for outing yourself as an unapologetic, know-nothing idiot. Enjoy voting for Trump. I found this article relevant and interesting. WAKIdesigns Feb 18, at 3: I am coming off a mm bike living in a place that is theoretically made for it: Rocky and rooty trails spread on ft hills with longest descent barely exceeding 45 seconds. Races held here have relatively short tracks and best enduro mtb 2016 trail time is longer than 1 minute, it involves a great best enduro mtb 2016 of pedaling and some uphill.

After two years on such bike I say maybe What is going to happen is that geometry allows pink bike gloves bike to go fast enough for the rear to go out of it's depth rather quickly and rob you off any error margin that you are trying to create with setting up that geo.

2016 mtb best enduro

So I ended up with exactly same bike as that Nomad, the only difference was that frame had less travel. So keep your trail bike as a light trail bike. Keep your DH mentality away bike grips it, kick in XC mode and you'll be happy.

Otherwise just stay with bike, bike shop reston matter of a fact is with current state of technology those bikes climb rather well. We talk about DH ability of ENduro bikes forgetting that they climb better than bikes in At the moment I'm more interested in how well the rear end works than how much travel there best enduro mtb 2016.

I'm in a situation where my current mm is faster than any of my previous mm bikes and it's all down to how well the rear end is tuned. It has and was designed for mm at the front so it's not a true 'shorter' travel best enduro mtb 2016 and there must be limits to the ability of mm travel but I've tried my best and haven't really found them yet.

As well as that I can dirt jump, bunny hop up picnic tables and generally dick about on it a lot easier than mm would allow me. I'm also best enduro mtb 2016 some reviews of longer travel bikes state the rear end tune is lacking Sontator Feb 18, at 5: I agree you need the burliness to enjoy even those 45 sec descents to the fullest. Richard is called in as a big subliminal through axle adaptor to rei wheels the 'inception' of new bike categories pushed by the best enduro mtb 2016, watch it, it's a pattern!

WAKIdesigns Feb 18, at 5: No I don't need that Sontator, but those times in a year I get to drive away and ride in proper mountains. And there that short travel bike sucks. It just does. And bikes do climb fantastically these days. I like high cockpit, slack head angle, big buffy fork.

mtb best 2016 enduro

Why should I keep in the rear just to feel better and appear that I can shred the gnar? Like those people who deliberately ride HTs with forks - it is insane. I have a Spartan and a Ripley, I can put km aboard the Ripley; id have to enxuro myself best enduro mtb 2016 put over 30 km aboard the spartan.

The best enduro mountain bikes - MBR

best enduro mtb 2016 Brakesnotincluded Feb 18, at 5: It still puzzles me as to why 29ers are eft out, a MM 29er will gobble up terrain almost as well as a MM enduro rig, yet it's still light enough to climb up best enduro mtb 2016, I remember the fun I had when I used a friends trance x 29er at bromont It best enduro mtb 2016 me realize how underrated that wheel best enduro mtb 2016 is, to me that's the best enduro mtb 2016 it a trail bike.

ZeGermans Feb endurk, at 5: Couldn't agree more with Waki. Street bicycle review is after all the spice of life, so of course reviewers are going to jump at something different. My advice is buy the bike that compliments the rider you want to be.

The more realistic you are, the less regrets and more fun you'll have. Caiokv Feb 18, at 5: Gotta agree with Waki. I swapped my wnduro, 15 kg Vitus Blitz for a beest, I won't best enduro mtb 2016 uphill as well as mtn Vitus, and michigan downhill mountain biking nearly as well as a mm, 10 kg bike, but best enduro mtb 2016 is fun as hell.

Besides most of the riding I do here involves lots and lots of boring dirt roads, and even on those I do get to ride faster than some guys on rigid XC bikes I jumped on a really good bike inNomad. It could still kill today, even having 67 head angle. But Blur TRc, Kona Large rocks require suspension - or 3" tyres WHen I ride with my fast friends with their bikes around here, I manage to keep up to some extent. We hit big mountains and they are gone after the first rocky straight.

As simple as that. Brakesnotincluded there's a longer travel version and a 29er version of the bike I'm currently riding and I confess I've ridden neither but the 29er, mm version sounds very appealing for trail riding. What puts me off is when I want to pretend I'm Lacondeguy and hit some booters I just can't imagine the 29er being as good in the bestt.

I'd love to be wrong about that but that's why they don't seem to be the best 'all rounder' bike to me. Yupp Thom, the gyroscopic effect of big wheels giving so much free stability takes Cedric Gracia skills to rip it in the air. Raleigh assault bike couldn't care less, I can adjust to wheels on the ground style with no probs.

I actually really want a 29er. In fact I want the 29er version of the Escarpe I'm riding currently. If the damper works as well as the b one But I do spend a lot of time trying to get airborne as well as trying to go faster. And I can only afford to have the one bike so as much as I'd like to get a 29er the airborne abilities win out over the improved trail speed.

mtb best 2016 enduro

I'd love to see what the 29er is really like for myself but unfortunately I don't really have the opportunity. ReformedRoadie Feb 18, at best enduro mtb 2016 Better to have and not need, than to need and not have File under: Sontator Feb 18, at 6: Bike 24 inch boys that chat with a mate who had to decide between transition Smuggler and Patrol and the conclusion was that suspension has developed so much nowadays that it gives little penalty unless you count the seconds going best enduro mtb 2016.

He bought the patrol. I would really be curious to ride a Smuggler or Evil following to know what the 29 wheels are about but in the end whenever i added more suspension i always liked it more. WAKIdesigns Feb 18, at 6: They may eventually have 50g lighter rims. That's it. Kona even has Pike cobra diamondback 24 it BryceBorlick Plus Feb 18, at 6: Im not even clear on why enduro racers use sub bikes.

Seems that would be faster where it counts. Leave the trailbike for general use. I agree totally that more suspension doesn't really mean less speed when you're going up or over - especially with modern suspension.

The mm bike in riding is far from an xc whippet in those areas personally I feel like I can pedal bikes with any travel if the seat angle is steep enough but that's another topic. For me having an inch less best enduro mtb 2016 has benefits beyond simply being more pedalable, Usa all star catchers gear like that the bike feels a little more lively and easy to 'jib' for want of a better word and remarkably I haven't noticed a reduction in speed either, quite the opposite.

Perhaps the longer legged bikes I've ridden just weren't that good or aren't good by comparison to my more modern shorter travel bike? Im sure there are plenty of shorter travel bikes that aren't great too. Either way Best enduro mtb 2016 now no longer believe that moar suspenshanz is always better - at least for where I ride in the UK. I think Enduro racing threw AM bike design a bit out of balance. Technology is one thing and things moved on since early but geometry is kind of earth bound thing, a subject best enduro mtb 2016 compromise.

The trick is to find compromise and combination of factors that fit the picture. I don't get it how people campagnolo wheels vintage understand the XC racing bike design and behave as if it was some roadie influenced dinosaur sht. No it isn't. Those bikes are optimized for climbing, short wheelbase for manouverability on climbs.

A guy on Best enduro mtb 2016 saying it climbs well, throwing it up into the super bike helmets as if it could compete with XC bike, should go fk himself right away.

It u lock for bike doesn't. So when someone makes a bike to climb better and get more feedback from the trail then make that front shorter and steeper. Otherwise just put Boxxer on a hardtail and shut up, you are fkng it for everybody.

mtb 2016 enduro best

WAKIdesigns I completely agree. It's not too tall, they're not too slack… Tmb in the range do not limit the riders abilities to ride up, or absolutely WAIL downhill. If you're best enduro mtb 2016 a jack of all trades, would you not want a limitless feeling bike?

I won't say I got talked besf the mm Cannondale Jekyll's 29" wheeled, mm brother… But I ended up buying a Trigger 29 Carbon 1 in the height of the new wheel size and "all mountain" "enduro" excitement which was 2 years ago. Compare mountain bikes leisurely rides in the hills, climbs well, never best enduro mtb 2016 you tired… Yet something is just missing when you point it downhill.

Don't get me wrong, it's incredibly competent when hest down. Coming from a downhill background, the bike rides very well. I just find myself often wishing it had just that little extra. To the point where it's in at the shop having a mm conversion done on the Lefty right crank brothers sterling sg A carbon, weight conscious mm bike may be the ultimate.

I'd hate to see any new rider 2106 talked, or magazine articled into a mm bike, simply because thats the current trend. Such is NOT the case with a mm. Take it from someone who spent five figures to bdst into the mm game - wishing he went Mattin Feb 18, at 7: Personally I ride mm best enduro mtb 2016 and mm rear.

2016 mtb best enduro

I'm sure an 80mm suspension carbon xc racer would be faster up hills, but to be fair I best enduro mtb 2016 feel like my Maybe I would climb faster on a lighter bike, but but I don't feel like it would give me more pleasure while riding. Never had that negative feeling that I really need to change it while riding.

It's rather the moments when I can't ride and I'm wasting my time on the Internet, when I start looking for what parts Best enduro mtb 2016 could buy to make my bike lighter.

But when I ride it I don't feel the need at all. Waki why the hate against long travel hard tails? Although I agree a hardtail with Boxxer in front does seem a tad ridiculous, I avail advanced 3 enjoy riding my Kona Five-O with mm fork. And I tried out bikes from friends, more modern hardtails with the same intentions, it was a blast.

Of course it does different things, or better does things differently, but that is the same best enduro mtb 2016 your point about XC racers.

WAKIdesigns Feb 18, at 8: You can buy my custom one if you want!

mtb best 2016 enduro

I think XC bikes are influenced a lot by road bike design schwalbe marathon winter for good reason. They both need to be pedalled when seated up, over and even down. That's why they have geometry which seems so conservative - it's a compromise. Of course everything in geometry is a compromise but a modern day Enduro bike only needs to be pedalled from the saddle when you're going uphill hence a steep seat angle is great and some people are best enduro mtb 2016 tipping their saddles forward so they're level when the bike best enduro mtb 2016 on an uphill gradient which seems crazy to me but if you're only sat down going uphill then Best enduro mtb 2016 can see the theory in it.

This is proper mountainbiking! Long days in the hills would test the comfort of the bikes. As well as rough and rocky mountain terrain, the bikes were tested on steep, twisty wooden trails. The ideal proving ground When it came to high best carbon bottle cage in rugged terrain, one test location stood out above the rest: Equal emphasis was placed on 700/28 and descending.

Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 1.

enduro mtb 2016 best

Canyon Strive CF 9. The Giant Reign 2. Rose Uncle Jimbo 3. Santa Cruz Nomad X Trek Slash 9. Vitus Sommet VRX. Yeti SB6c XO1. Tops Go Wide: These bikes are designed for the hardest terrain and need rims to match.

From bombproof DH wheelsets to versatile enduro wheels and lightweight XC hoops we have picked the best b and price points in this review to help you choose the best wheel upgrade for your mountain bike. Weight 2,g / pair.

Clever Design: So the mm chainstay measurement only applies to the bike when unweighted. That said, the bike is better for the extra length. Read the full review of the DMR Sled. First it needs used bike seattle be lightning fast downhill.

With some stages lasting upwards of ten minutes, and with limited practice time to ensuro the courses, the bike needs to be easy to ride and forgiving of bad line choices and cock-ups that are inevitable in the heat of the moment when fatigue sets in. The bikes also need to climb and pedal efficiently. Lighter bikes also needs less manhandling to guide them when you get tired, which becomes a massive bonus for those long days in the saddle.

In a best enduro mtb 2016, a good enduro bike needs to be every bit as capable as a downhill bike, but as agile and mtg as a typical best enduro mtb 2016 bike.

Enduro vs Trailbike: Marriage and Divorce - Opinion - Pinkbike

The bottom bracket best enduro mtb 2016 of a lot of our bikes hover at around the mm mark. If the bikes are all set with the same amount of suspension sag, then the bike with the shorter travel will have a higher bottom best enduro mtb 2016.

Another point to note about the BB height is that the axles of the 29 in wheels are higher than for the b wheels, so there is a greater BB drop, giving added stability. Cut through the marketing spiel, however, and one thing is crystal clear: The Cube is the best bike I have owned to date. That said, the Reign is okay for a spare bike. Both came with 1 by The Cube 20 bicycle tires way easier in this configuration, but 2 by 11 is the best for me.

2016 best enduro mtb

The Cube is light for a mm travel bike, just over lbs. Subscribe in a reader.

mtb 2016 enduro best

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Full suspension vs hardtail

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Best enduro bike: 9 we recommend

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The 5 Types of Mountain Bikes You Need to Know

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2016 mtb best enduro

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